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Storing data on the Ethereum Rinkeby network

Configure MetaMask
Configuration page here
MetaMask is a very easy to use Ethereum wallet.
You use it from a Browser plugin (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
Create a second Account
Open MetaMask.
On top, change MetaMask to "Rinkeby Test Network".
Click on the "guy" button on top right.
Select "Create Account".
Done! Your second wallet account is created and ready to be used. Simple as that.
This second account will the destination account for your transactions on the Ethereum Rinkeby network.
Switch to first account
Click on the "guy" button on top right.
Select Account 1.
Get some Ether
  This is not real Ether!
  This Ether is for test purposes only.
  It does not have real value as the Main Net Ether.
Go to (Maybe you will have to disable the Addblocker)
Copy the Account 1 address:
  Open MetaMask
  Right next to Account 1, click on the "..." button
  Click on "Copy Address to clipboard"
Make a Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook post with your Account 1 address you just copied:
  Make a post on Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook
  Get the post link
  On the rinkeby faucet website, paste the social network post link
  Click on "Give me Ether"
  Choose "18.75 Ethers / 3 days"
  Wait for the transaction to be mined. When it shows "funded" you can open MetaMask and your Ethers will be there
Transform your text data to hexadecimal
Go to
Paste your text data there and click "Convert!"
Copy the hex data and go to
Paste it, select "Remove all spaces" and then click on "Remove spaces"
Copy the hex data

Ok, now we are ready to do the transaction
Making the transaction
Open MetaMask. Check if it's on the "Rinkeby Test Net"
Click on "SEND"
For "Recipient Address" select Account 2
For "Amount" put 0 ETH
On "TRANSACTIONAL DATA (OPTIONAL)" paste the hex data
Click "NEXT"
For "Gas limit" put 100000 and for "Gas price" put 1
(Yet to do a research on data size and gas limit/gas price relation)
Click "SUBMIT"
Click on transaction link "..."
View the transaction on etherscan: wait for it to be mined
When "TxReceipt Status" changes to "Success" the transaction is mined and your data is stored on the Blockchain
You can click on "Convert to Ascii" to see your original text data :)
Example of transaction
Click on "Convert to Ascii" to see the data stored